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1.0.3 Problems

image from XKCD

In this week's This Developer's Life that's what I take a look at, from 3 perspectives:

  1. Mike Moore (Ruby developer) talks about personal skills for solving problems, including the ability to ask a different question.
  2. Javier Lozano (Microsoft developer) talks about teams coming together as a 'band of brothers', solving problems that may, or may not, exist.
  3. Tamar Cohen (Java developer) shares her story of the unsolvable bug - something she *had to solve* as the exploration of other planets depends on it. She works at NASA, programming planetary rovers.

Scott Hanselman finishes things off with a story about what happens when trouble finds you'

Some Notes:

I've been asked by the producers of This American Life to kindly change my logo as well as podcast title. In retrospect it seems rather obvious that I should have thought about this - but the short answer is that I didn't know if anyone would really care about this podcast. I also didn't expect the attention it's getting.


I changed the logo - a name change will come soon. Worry not - the RSS will stay intact, as will the iTunes link.

UPDATE - I've remastered the episode and removed some of the music.


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