1.0.7 Audacity

1.0.7 Audacity

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  • John Resig, Creator of jQuery, decided to write yet another javascript framework when there were already quite a few to choose from. Not only did he succeed, he changed web development forever.
  • Alex Payne, former API Developer Lead at Twitter, talks about the (somewhat insane) move to leave Twitter, and (somewhat more insane) choice to 'reinvent banking' with BankSimple.
  • Miguel de Icaza, founder of the GNOME project and creator of Mono talks about creating a clone of the .NET framework - all because he didn't like what else was out there at the time for Linux.


There are a number of tracks in this episode, many of which are 'mashups' or 'boots'. These tracks aren't ' 'appreciated' by the recording industry, yet they realize that they sell many of the songs they feature.

I won't link my sources here - however I will say all of them are found on Youtube if you want to search for them. Some are also found on the DJ's websites:

The following music is used under Creative Commons:


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