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1.1.2 Drive

In this episode Scott and Rob talk to 4 entrepreneurs about the risks they take, and what's happened as a result. Dave Nielsen, Tom Preston-Werner, and Nate and Niki Kohari.

  • Dave Nielsen tells us about working only for himself and what sleeping on a couch in a basement storeroom feels like
  • Tom Preston-Werner talks to us about founding Github and turning down $300,000 from Microsoft
  • Nate and Niki Kohari talks to us about starting up, and then selling, a tech company while being married


Most of the the tracks for this week are used under Creative Commons from Magnatunes. In addition we have some bootlegs and I've linked to the DJ's websites:

The following tracks were used under fair use (played for 30-60 seconds):

In addition - we used a few clips from the movie Rushmore. If you haven't seen it - go get it.

Wes Anderson - Rushmore