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1.1.5 Revolt

In this special episode we explore the Egyptian revolution. We talk to Remon Zakaria about his experience writing software for a day job and overthrowing the government at night. Big thanks to Ahmed Remy and Reem Ahmed for their help. We recorded hours and hours of content to bring you this show. We wish we could have used everyone's story - there were so many.

  • Remon Zakaria works at DashSoft, a software consultancy in downtown Cairo specializing in turnkey solutions for offshore companies.


The music this week, aside from the very last song, is from a single composer: Jami Sieber (Lush Mechanique). If you've listened to this show for any significant amount of time - you know that music is a big part of it. This week is no exception: Jami's music is evocative, wonderful, compelling and simply a joy to listen to. Go download these things. All of them. They're wonderful.

The final track is a song from Ramy Essam - an Egyptian folk musician who became the "Singer of the Revolution" and led the masses in Tahrir Square in song.

The track we ended with is a remix of his famous song, found on YouTube.